Monday, August 10, 2015

The Answer To "I'm Engaged! Now What?"

I honestly wish I had read a post on this topic before I got engaged. This is the exact reason why I'm writing this post. Getting engaged is such an exciting and crazy time, especially when you are the one being proposed to! At least the proposer has time to prepare for the day, whereas the proposee (yes I made that word up) is usually completely in shock and has a million things flying around their head. I'll incorporate some of my experience with Dan's proposal as well as some things I heard/read later that I found helpful.

Steps to take when you get engaged:
1. Make sure you take a moment to look around you and completely memorize the setting. You will be telling the story and remembering that moment for the rest of your life, so you mines well take note of the details while you can! Here's the beach that Dan proposed to me back in February.

2. Try to take a photo with your new fiance/fiancee. Although Dan's proposal was pretty private, I'm glad we took a couple of selfies and stopped someone to take our picture together. While they might not be the most beautiful pictures, you will always want to remember the pure joy in your faces right after that amazing moment. Here's Dan and I after the proposal! I'm so glad I have these pictures to remember all the details perfectly.

3. Take an hour or two to let it fully sink in. Then call/text/e-mail all of your close friends and family. Do NOT post anything on social media until everyone important knows you two are engaged, or else it will ruin the surprise for your loved ones.
3 1/2. Ok so now you can start telling people, but expect to be showered with tons of phone calls and e-mails. People are going to ask about how it happened, what the ring looks like, and if you know when you are going to get married. The last question always bothered me- I mean come on, I literally just got engaged, how the heck am I supposed to know when I'm getting married? I'm living in the moment people!
4. Revel in the day- it really is going to be one you remember forever.
5. Now you are allowed to share your news via social media. People will likely want to see pictures, so prepare appropriately.
6. Make sure you new engagement ring is insured! Also, if it doesn't fit, get it sized. Dan already knew what size ring to get, but we had to get in insured the following week. I was so nervous that I would loose it!

7. Sign up for the typical wedding websites- The Knot, Wedding Wire, Pinterest, etc.
8. Start talking about a timeline for the wedding, since people will start asking you.
9. Set a budget and start considering venues
10. Begin making a guest list (consult parents for their potential guests).
11. Relax! You have PLENTY of time to get everything together! I definitely wanted to rush into planning right away, but you really don't need to do that. You should share some time with your new fiance/fiancee and revel in the fact that you are getting MARRIED!

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