Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Morning Favorites

Alright, so if you are anything like my fiance then you find morning to be the most grueling part of the day. While I don't consider myself a morning person (or even a night owl, is there something in between?) I don't dread the mornings quite as much as Dan does. However, I definitely do struggle from time to time getting any kind of motivation going in the morning. So I thought it would be fun to reflect on the things that help make my mornings a bit brighter.

3 Different Alarms- Ok so I do this weird thing where I have 3 different alarms- one at 5:50, one at 6:00, and one at 6:05. I purposely make the last one have a different ringtone than the first two, that way I know what I actually have to start getting up and when I can stay a little bit longer in bed. I really like being able to wake up knowing that I have a few minutes to snooze before having to start the day.

Dog Alarm Clock- This one is a tribute to my dog Scout, who I seem to constantly talk about. We let him sleep on our bed, and he knows that once he hears the alarm clock go off, it's time to come over and get some attention. If I don't start petting him, he will lick me in the face, sit on me, groan/bark, or nudge me until I am giving him an adequate amount of attention. I secretly love that he helps wake me up.

Daylight through the blinds- While this sounds weird, I feel like having some natural sunlight coming into my bedroom helps wake me up. In the summer, this happens all the time and it's great. However, in the winter the sun is definitely not up at 6am. Not so awesome.

Hot mug of coffee/tea/chai- Any warm beverage in a mug equals pure happiness to me. My fiance things my mug collection is a bit ridiculous, but he goes along with it.

Nap Blanket- Ok this might not get you out of bed, but they are so comfy!

Brookstone Nap Blanket

The Skimm- This is definitely high on my list of favorites. It called The Skimm and its a daily newsletter that fills you in on all of the biggest news stories in a comical, condensed, easy to read format. I'm terrible with keeping up with news, but getting an email once every week day is a great way for me to keep up with what's going on in the world. It's like having a good friend chat with you about the news. I highly recommend you sign up! Sign up for The Skimm here
Setting up my outfits the night before- self explanatory.

Good bye hug- I'll always give my pup and fiance a quick hug good bye, even though my fiance is still sound asleep and my pup has been getting love all morning. It's a good reminder why I get up in the morning and go to work- to support my little family.

If all else fails, embrace the crankiness.

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