Sunday, August 11, 2013

The beginning.

As with everything in life, there is a beginning and an end. While I try not to dwell on them, it is important to set goals when you begin something new in life to A. hold you accountable B. make sure you are striving towards the main purpose of the activity and C. because I am a neat freak and like to organize everything. So here is the beginning of my blog- Mayhem. The Musing and Advice of a Young, Healthy, Empathetic woMan (ok I cheated on the end there, but work with me here). In this blog I want to post about an assortment of things that lead to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle in the middle of this chaotic thing we call life. I find it helpful to keep any helpful tips located in one location, since it can be so difficult to actually remember to take a moment and really reflect on the things around you. If I'm going to take time out of my schedule to do that, it better be easy, accessible, and motivating. So here is my attempt at creating a resource for people trying to do just that. 

While the format and content maybe a little hodgepodge at first, I sincerely hope that I provide some kind of entertainment to you as I work towards, sometimes humorously, living a full life. There maybe times that I just see something random and decide to share it with you, even if it isn't exactly "healthy". But everyone deserves to have enjoyment of all kinds in moderation, so I'll attempt to mirror that in this blog. 

So a little about me so you can understand my perspective a little bit better, and maybe see why I'm a little bit weird (but let's be honest, who isn't weird in one respect or another? If you were completely "normal", then what would you talk about with friends and loved ones?) I'm originally from good ol' New Jersey. I know, I know, people automatically jump to thinking about the Jersey Shore (which I can gladly say I have never seen). But believe me when I say, it was actually a relatively normal, nice place to grow up. No I don't have an accent and please believe me when I say that my hair is completely flat and normal. 

I ended up going to college close to home, which was nice when I needed to escape the bubble that was a college campus. While I really did enjoy being a student, I was ready to leave by the time I graduated. I ended up packing up and moving across the country for my boyfriend of forever (or it seems like forever) D. He got a job right outside of Portland, OR so that's where we went. After a lot of tears, anxiety, and doubts, I ended up finding a job in the area as well, but maybe I'll go into that story at a later point. Now I am happily employed at Nike as a sales analyst. It's a fun company to work for, and it is conveniently near Intel, the company my boyfriend has a job at. 

For the past year, I've been enjoying the fruits of Oregon (literally and figuratively). I was very uncertain of moving to Oregon of all places, but Portland is actually a very awesome city, mixing beauty of nature and the accessibility of a city into one crazy place. I've started eating much healthier than my ramen noodle days of college, and I have been trying out new things like running (or I should say novice jogging, because what I do can't qualify as running), pilates, yoga, and a whole assortment of exercises. I'll be sharing recipes, stretches, exercises, musings, rants, and all things beautiful with you throughout this journey. 

So fasten your seat belts, and cheers to new beginnings! Without beginning, how would we improve, grow, and learn? Have a good one!